Thank You for Waiting

Its January in Minnesota which means many things but mostly, IT”S COLD, so I find myself thinking about warmer times…SUMMER. One of the amazing things I’ve loved most about living in Minnesota is summer. Having spent most of my growing up years in Texas, the ability to be outside without suffering from heat stroke is still an awe and a wonder. My boys and I often go on walks to a park or lake. On one of those occasions, we were walking home from the Wild Rumpus Room (an amazing independent children’s bookstore in Linden Hills of Minneapolis) my boys (ages 7,6) waited for me at the end of the street. I called to them, “THANK YOU for waiting.” and as He often does, the Lord began to speak to me.

They waited even though they knew the way.

They waited even though they were hungry and ready to eat.

They waited even though it meant they had to be still.

Why do I have them wait? Well, at the time they were still working on looking out for vehicles. Sometimes I can see what they cannot because I have a different vantage point. Waiting can be hard, especially for those of you like me who tend to be a little short on patience.  

So what did I hear God whisper to my heart?

Will you wait even if you know the way?

Will you wait even if you really want what’s at the end of the journey?

Will you wait even if it means you have to stand still?

Isaiah 40:31 tells us strength is gained in waiting on the Lord.  He has a different vantage point, after all. Like my boys I’m still working on watching for dangers prior to continuing on my way.

If you find yourself in a season of waiting even as the new year has barely begun, can I encourage you to wait for the Lord? He is your strength. His vantage point is infinitely better than yours and he wants you to be strengthened to walk into what he has planned for you. Trust me. It’s going to be good!

~You are my friend, and I love you!