Take Heart

Sunlight pours into your bedroom and you realize, I have overslept. This is especially true in the upper midwest from November to April because the sun is late to rise and early to bed.

You receive a text asking how close you are to the meeting and you haven’t even gotten dressed yet, let alone prepared to be anywhere.

There are a million things for you to do, to be, and even to pursue, but you can’t seem to find the will or energy to do any of them.

Any of this sound familiar? All of these have happened to me, some more than I care to recount now.  Things like this happen for a multitude of reasons that can, if allowed, catapult us into a place where the wheels at that moment seem to come completely off the vehicle of life.   The unexpected diagnosis, job loss, marriage difficulties… depression...on and on the list could go of things that have happened or will happen in life, which don’t just cause the wheels to come off but a bomb to detonate in your space.

Wait for it...the encouragement...it’s coming. :)

Are you in that space where life seems to be happening in ways you didn’t ask and definitely didn’t plan?  First, let me say, I am sorry for your present circumstances. I am sorry your heart aches. I am sorry that it has been difficult to imagine let alone see the end of your current chapter.  

There is HOPE for you.  Jesus tells us in this life, WE WILL have trouble, but we can TAKE HEART because he has OVERCOME the world (John 16:33).  Please understand, I am not asking you to simply put a smile on your face or to wish away the facts surrounding you. I am asking you to reframe the facts around the truth that you can TAKE HEART.

Could it be the very situations that finally knocked the wheels off are being used so we will look up to the ONE who is able to put the wheels back on for us? Have we been given an opportunity to remember we truly can’t do it alone?  Would you be willing to trust the One that can see the end of your current chapter? He not only can see it. He’s the author of it. Allow him to breathe hope into your weary lungs. Allow him to draw you close and whisper his never failing love into your heart.

What is happening now is forming you and can be used to help others, if you will allow it. WHEN you come to the end of this current space, strengthen those around you. You are going to make it.

~You’re my friend and I love you!